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Christmas Puzzle is a simple game that zaps boredom in a jiffy and imbues players with the Christmas spirit! This game converts more than 10 unforgettable Christmas images into an instant puzzle. The object of the game is to re-arrange the puzzle to get the original picture in the minimum number of moves and the least possible time. To make things more interesting, this game has three levels – easy, medium, and hard. In easy mode, pictures are broken up into 6 tiles. In medium mode, 12 tiles and in hard mode, you”re dealing with a whopping 24 tiles!


– Christmas Theme
– 12 Christmas Images
– Tile sliding sound
– High Scores – Top 5 fastest times per mode with player names

How to play:

– Select and press fire on the tiles to re-arrange them (Tiles can only be swapped with the empty tile).
– Select preview from the menu to see the original snap.
– pause current game if you want.
– Select restart to start a new game.
– High scores are calculated on the basis of time taken to solve the puzzle.

Download now and celebrate Christmas in a fun way!

Merry Christmas!

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