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With Contact Plus Professional you can keep track of customers in one database and prospects in another. In addition to the general contact information, you can define your own data fields. Keep unlimited free from notes about conversations you have with contacts. Then send letters, e-mail, and schedule and track future events for follow up. Plus Contact Plus Professional provides alarms for upcoming events so you don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

With Contact Plus Professional you can create groupings of contacts based upon your criteria. Want to see a list of all contacts who’ve done business with you in the past week? How about a list of contacts that haven’t done business with you in the last month? Whether you have 10 contacts or 10,000 contacts, you can work with just those contacts you want to use. Send them all a letter, transfer them to a new database, or check for duplicates between databases.

Contact Plus Professional automatically creates a complete history of your interaction with each contact. Detailed information about the phone calls, email sent, letters sent or notes taken are all instantly available. Using this information you can make better decisions about what the next step should be. When used on a multi-user system, each activity is stamped with the User ID of who completed it. What is more important than the past history with a client?

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