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WinEncrypt – WinEncrypt CryptArchiver Lite

WinEncrypt.com – Have you encrypted your data today?At WinEncrypt, we help you to secure and password-protect drives, files,folders and sensitive information on all Windows systems; we give you solutions for securing huge databases across networks. Our products are compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and you can protect all file formats :emails, databases, spreadsheets, text, graphics, audio or even video.

It’s really simple to hide, encrypt and password protect your data with CryptArchiver. All you do is drag-and-drop your important files and folders into an encrypted drive – just like an ordinary drive!

CryptArchiver creates a special Encrypted Drive that can only be accessed with a password. Files stored in this drive are automatically encrypted on-the-fly. Once loaded, the encrypted drive is like any other drive.
When you unload the encrypted drive, it disappears from Windows! No one can access your data without the password. Load the Encrypted Drive again with the password, to access your files.

CryptArchiver uses very strong cryptography – the registered versions use upto 448 bit Blowfish and 256 bit AES algorithms. Compared to this, most on-line banking websites use only 128 bit cryptography!

With CryptArchiver’s strong security, you can rest assured that your files are accessible only to you. You are not limited to encrypting files and folders on your hard drive; CryptArchiver can also secure removable media like Zip, CD, DVD and USB drives.

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WinEncrypt Encryption Software

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