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CyberPlanet, Control de Cyber, Software para Cibers Café

CyberPlanet 6.4, Programas para la Gestion de Cybers, Control de Impresiones, Control de Escaneos, Windows 10, Salas de Juegos

CyberPlanet is a full featured CyberCafe billing system. In addition to the usual functions in this kind of programs (stock of products, different biiling rates depending on time and day of the week, shut down and reboot of client machines, accounts managing, etc) we developed a unique printing control module. You will REALLY control printing. The billing system is based on ink consumtion and type (B&W or Color) per page. Supporting printers of any kind installed on any machine running any Windows version. The same applies to scanner and CD/DVD recording control. See the difference.

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