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Debt Elimination at its best! Potential savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars! Build debt reduction, timed elimination or consolidation schedules. Handles up to 50 debts at once. Use minimum payments (percentages too), current payments or accelerated. Nine priority methods or define your own. Set budget, variable extra payments. Daily, monthly, calendar & graph reports.

Debt elimination at its best! Debt Analyzer is the perfect tool to help eliminate debt and save you hundreds or thousands in the process. Create a professional debt reduction plan applying the same techniques used by banks and credit counselors. And, do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

Debt Analyzer applies the debt “rollover method” to eliminate debt. Enter your debt information – balances, minimum/current payments and interest rates. Select which debts to pay off first or choose a predefined option such as highest interest rate first or smallest debt first. The program generates a payoff plan. Once the first debt is paid off, the money paid toward the first debt is applied toward the second debt and so on until all debts are gone.

Or create a plan to be debt free in a specific number of months or years. The program calculates exactly how much you will need to pay each month in order to be debt free by the date specified. Another option analyzes potential savings by consolidating debts into a new lower interest rate loan.

Each plan allows up to 50 debts. A budgeting feature is available to plan for monthly and variable expenses. Optionally apply any monthly budget surplus to your debt plan. Accelerate debt payoff with extra monthly payments or lump sum payments from a Christmas bonus, tax refund, etc.

Create detailed monthly reports or summaries of the plan you create. See exactly when you will become debt free. Use the graphs and charts to graphically display savings of interest and time.

Design plans for others. Produce an unlimited number of plans and reports for friends, family or clients.

Stop debt in its tracks! Download a copy now to start on the path to debt freedom.

Debt Analyzer comes with a 30-day evaluation period.

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