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Almost all Mac users know what a Dashboard widget is.
It’s a simple and small HTML/WebKit based application bundled with some optional code plugins. That’s all in theory…

DesktopWidget is a light and powerful Dashboard extension specially designed for either active widget users and developers.
You can organize your widget collection and simulate almost every widget. Extend your possibilities with our simple but powerful tool.

DesktopWidget is not a replacement for the Dashboard of course. In the Dashboard you can leave tons of widgets you don’t need every moment.

But do you ever wanted to have important informers like a small semi-transparent world clock, king sized weather and currency rate widgets pined right to your desktop or floating above all windows and totally ignore mouse at the same time?
No problem at all – pin your widgets to the Desktop wallpaper, adjust transparency and zoom them with fun.
Two-way (transform & zoom) scaling feature is just for you. It is experimental but useful at least for the following purposes – zoomed-out mode to save screen space, zoomed-in mode for presentation mode or for people with disabilities.

With DesktopWidget all your widgets will receive second breath, really!

Leave main widget collection on the built-in OSX dashboard, and use subset of them as desktop widgets. Show and hide all desktop widgets with a single hotkey!

You’ll receive total control over your widget collection behavior.
It’s not a joke! Give a chance to DesktopWidget and try it right now.

Check its security sandbox options while developing or before launching 3rd party widgets to try.

Furthermore, you can convert a widget to a standalone application, so you can run it anytime right via Finder or from your Dock
(note: there is only one limitation – DesktopWidget.app contains required runtime, so it must be installed at the same Mac).

If you are developer – you can visually check control regions and java script errors while developing, inspect any parts of your widget on the fly.

The missed Sync – yeah, it’s true, with DesktopWidget you can sync either your widgets and their preferences between all your Macs via Dropbox.

With a simple custom CSS & HTML/JS, you can adjust content and styles, and clip required area of a widget, on the fly, even without touching widget content at all.

Do you really think that’s all?

There is one more thing…

Widget automatization with scripting!
Now you can interact with simulated widgets right from your projects written in any language (Objective-C, AppleScript, Shell, etc).

Discover your new possibilities with DesktopWidget.

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