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MP3 Splitter, WAV Splitter, MP3 Cutter, MP3 Split tool free download!

Compared to other solutions, Direct WAV MP3 Splitter provides you with an audio splitter that does not make any changes to quality or format. Download MP3 Splitter for free!

Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is an easy-to-use tool to split or cut MP3 and WAV files.
Audio Splitter can quickly split larger MP3 or WAV files without recompression. WAV MP3 cutter allows you to split, cut or trim a MP3 or WAV files and save results into new files. Direct WAV MP3 Splitter can works as an automatic MP3 splitter. A build-in audio player let you listen, playback with adjustable speed and then split it with automatic track numbering. Also you can automatically split a MP3 or WAV files into equal-sized parts using split by time, size or number of parts or use automatic pause detection feature in Direct WAV MP3 Splitter. You can use it like MP3 album splitter and split mp3 album in a second. Direct WAV MP3 Splitter can split ripped CD audio tracks, audio tapes etc.
You can view the MP3 file using wave graphics and set the MP3 cut points easily. You can save and load MP3 cut points to a file. CUE files are supported as well as own file format.

– New fast engine for split large MP3 and WAV files.
– MP3 and WAVE files with more then 1Gb filesize support.
– View the MP3 file using wave graphics.
– Drag visualy MP3 cut points as you want.
– With build-in MP3 and WAV player, you can pre-listen the each section you want to split before real doing the MP3 splitting.
– Adjustable playing speed.
– Provided with a slider bar, you can visually and quickly get to the time you want to split at.
– Automatic pause detection.
– Automatic track numbering.
– ID3 tag version 1.1 and version 2 support.
– You can edit ID3 tag metadata tag for each section.
– Split MP3 or WAV file to equal-sized segments by parts, by time, by size.
– MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG 2.5 Layer3 files support.
– VBR (Variable Bitrate) MP3 files support.
– New flexible filename creation.
– Load and save MP3 cut points to a file.
– Load and save CUE files.
– Load and save own format files .
– New user friendly adjustable Drag and Drop interface.
– Hot keys for all operations.

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