Doneex Xcell Compiler Business Pro License

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DoneEx, Home of Excel Compiler

XCell Compiler offers very easy and hassle free Microsoft Excel workbook copy protection.
With this tool you can compile Excel spreadsheet into EXE application with securely hide formulas in binary format and protected VBA code.
With it’s registration/license management feature you can protect your Excel application from illegal copying from one computer to another by using hardware locking mechanism. It offers you to add your own splash, end user license agreement (EULA) and much more…

Main features are:
– compile XLS to EXE
– securely hide formulas by converting them into binary format
– protect VBA code
– limit work period for your compiled EXE file
– save/load changed data
– apply your own image as a splash screen
– reflect your application name, version and copyright
– load data with different background and font color
– distribute your xla(s) inside compiled EXE

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