Novixys Exult Xml Conversion Wizard Standard

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Novixys.com: Tools to Convert & Import XML Data

Novixys.com provides tools to convert XML to Excel, Access, CSV and Text. We also provide software to shred and import XML data into databases like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Informix, etc.

Easily convert XML to MS Access(MDB), CSV, HTML, XLS, Text and other databases(via CSV). Easily handles elements as well as attributes. Converting even complex XML files is a snap. XML Structure information is maintained using auto-generated primary and foreign keys. Information within the XML is handled in an intuitive manner and extracted to separate tables or worksheets as needed without requiring user intervention. Exult has a familiar and easy-to-use Wizard interface which steps the user through the conversion. MS Access (MDB) files generated are compatible with all versions of Access starting with 97. Relationships between tables is also exported when converting to MS Access and can be checked by selecting Tools -> Relationships under MS Access. Unlike other competing applications, Exult does not require or use XSL stylesheets. Java or .NET NOT required. Limitations of the 14-day Trial Version: partial conversion of the information in XML. For complete conversion, upgrade to the registered version. Strong and responsive customer support. Free upgrades including major upgrades for 1 year. Extended support contracts available.

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