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Paradox Converter to XLS, DBF, CSV, SQL, XML, HTML and more

Paradox Converter allows you convert paradox files to XLS, DBF, CSV, SQL, XML, Text from GUI or command line. Download it Now!

Paradox Converter enables users to convert Paradox files (DB files) to other formats, such as DBF, XLS (MS Excel), CSV, HTML, or SQL. To do so, the program offers a simple GUI interface, where you set the source and output folders and then specify the output settings. There is no need for users to mess around writing conversion scripts as in Paradox Converter the conversion task can be completed so easily in just a couple of clicks.

In addition to simple conversions, Paradox Converter allows you manipulate data by selecting
only specific columns and applying filters. Unlike simplified filtering rules that
are normally available in other tools, DBF Converter dynamically builds
a sample database record form. The ability to put advanced masks and rules into any
field of the sample record is one of the most valuable Paradox Converter features.

Converting Paradox files to other formats is very accurate. It’s also possible to sort by export. The converter supports batch conversion that lets users convert an unlimited number of DB files to another format at once with no need for the user to attend to the process. Another nice touch in the converter is command line support.

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