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Check if your drivers are outdated, for free! And download our PC Updater to ensure your computer’s optimal performance.

Your computer will work better and longer with RadarSync 2008. RadarSync identifies, finds, downloads, and installs essential updates for your computer’s hardware (device drivers) and software. Regular updating can ensure that your computer runs smoothly and prevent common computer problems such as crashes, security holes and bugs, components and peripherals that don’t work properly and a s-l-o-w computer. Using RS08 on a regular basis takes the guess work out of updating essential files and saves you time. With RadarSync, you know you’re getting exactly the files your computer needs, without wasting time hunting around vendor websites.

RadarSync works by checking your PC against our database of over 90,000 files. It searches for updates for the installed driver and software files on your computer, notifies you when they are available, and helps you download and install them. New updates are added to RadarSync’s database weekly, so regular use of RadarSync’s PC updater is an excellent first line of defense against computer problems.

New to this version: RadarSync 2008 is a complete redesign of previous versions. It has been transformed from a front-end application for our web service to a full-fledged software. Key new features include improved update management through the My Downloads and Options menus and the Download All Updates feature, an enhanced scanner that identifies and finds updates for more computer components than ever before, and upgraded engine for more accurate download and install.

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